Texas Nurse
Connection, Ltd
Another Partner Company of TNC Management, LLC ®
Texas Nurse Connection is prepared to assist your facility in its recruitment efforts.

Our service does not obligate you to use
TNC exclusively nor does it require you
to sign a contract in order for us to begin our search.

Give us a call
(325) 670-0090 or 1 866 967-5862.

Texas Nurse Connection, Ltd is also proud to inform all Facilities that TNC went
through its  
Sixth Audit with The Joint Commission on 1-4-2017 and maintains a
zero (0)  deficiency record since 2005.

To review Texas Nurse Connection, Ltd history with the, The Joint Commission
click the link and review. The Joint Commission Web-Page.

The Joint Commission

Please let TNC know what we can do to better help meet your needs.
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